2Towns Comes to the Central Valley!

This week, we’re pleased to announce the launch of Oregon-based, 2 Towns Ciderhouse, here throughout the Central Valley. A company founded by two friends, incorporate tradition and innovation. All of their gluten-free ciders are made with 100% fresh-pressed Northwest apples, have no artificial ingredients, or added sugar. Their vast catalog expands from traditional apple cider, such as the Bright Cider, an effervescent drink with strong Fuji apple flavor, to more unique styles such as their Ginja Ninja, a bold ginger-apple cider, to unique berry and other fruit flavors such as the sweet Maid Marion with marionberries, or the Rhubarbian, a deliciously tart rhubarb cider. Many of their ciders are all low ABV at roughly 6%, with the exception of their year-round The Bad Apple, an imperial hard cider at 10.5%. This imperial cider is impressively smooth, with no flavor compromised by the strong ABV. We’re excited to share this amazing company with all of you, and your local retailers. Ask for 2Towns at your local establishment.


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