Beer of the Week: Mike Hess’ Steel Beach Lager

Let’s face it, where we live in Northern California (Bay Area and Central Valley), we only have two types of weather- rain or sunshine. Halloween may have come and go, but the sunshine is still present. Mike Hess’ Steel Beach Lager is perfect for just that. The name is reminiscent of Southern California summers at the beach but that vibe lasts in every sip, even if you’re just on the couch in San Jose. This beer has the flavor of a standard light American pale lager but has little leafy notes of hops in every sip. It is a quencher for the sunniest of days, or a perfect beer for the friend who loves and orders “a light beer.”  We’ve all had the customer who has asked “what’s light?” This beer fits into the category, but it is also truly perfect for any beer lover.

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