Mike Hess Brewing is Here!

Over the last month, we began distributing Mike Hess Brewing throughout all of our distributing counties. We’re thrilled to have this innovative brewery join our current catalog. If you’re not familiar with Mike Hess Brewing, they are a six-year old brewery out of San Diego. It has rapidly expanded over that time, going from the first nano production site in SD to now, two locations. In addition to their expansion, they have won several accolades for their beers. Most recently, their Claritas Kolsch took First Place in the 2016 World Beer Cup, and have several honors both at WBC previously, and at the Los Angeles International Beer Competition. Their year-around lineup boasts of six flavorful styles including an orange wheat, a Vienna cream ale,  pale ale, session IPA, double IPA, a rye imperial stout, and notable a rotating IPA. The Solis IPA is uniquely brewed every time, giving consumers a different flavor experience each time. This IPA, along with its award-winning lineup are really a great mix to bring into your bar, restaurant, and liquor store.

For more information about Mike Hess Brewing, check out their site here!


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