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Every week, we’re getting deliveries from our various brands who replenish flagship styles but also leave us with brand new seasonal releases. Sometimes, they are in small quantities, packaged or draft only; other times, there is more than enough to go around to all of our counties and customers. Fall is just around the corner, no matter what the heat wave will tell you so get ready for some maltier styles, and some that are just holding on to the last remaining weeks of sunshine.  Check out the list below, and the counties they are available in.

Karl Strauss Oktoberfest (Tri Valley & East Bay Area) 

This annual release will leave you wishing you were in Munich with every sip. Vienna and Munich malts create a full bodied dark golden beer that has notes of nut, malt, and a clean finish that only a Marzen can achieve. This is available in limited draft and 12oz bottles. A must have for a German-inspired meal, or also pairs well with a feast such as Thanksgiving.

Modern Times Critical Band IPA (All Counties)

Blended with five different hops, this new IPA from MT is sure to be “juicy and tropical” just as they have advertised. It has slight notes of malt and a crispness that will not overpower  the deliciousness from all of the hops. This beer pairs perfectly with late summer vibes, grilled fish, and time spent with good friends.

Modern Times Mega Blazing World DIPA (All Counties)

This is an imperialized version of MT’s flagship hoppy amber ale. This double IPA is full of flavor with a lot of fruit and resinous notes in every sip. This one isn’t for the faint of heart and those that love their hops–you’re in for a real treat.

Nectar Creek’s Nectarade Mead (All Counties)

If you still haven’t had mead, now’s the perfect time to try it with this new release. Available in 50L kegs, this mead has notes of lemon and lime zest and is unfiltered evoking memories of thirst-quenching sports drinks at the baseball diamond. The citrus flavors are well balanced and with a low ABV, it will leave you wanting more.

Ask your sales representative about some of these new releases and see what else is coming in soon! Thank you for your continued support. Cheers!



Photo Credit goes to Nectar Creek Meadery, Modern Times Brewery, and the Full Pint. 

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