New King Harbor In!

We hope you all had a wonderful long holiday weekend this past week! If you’ve found your business with empty shelves or taps because of the T-Day rush, King Harbor (Redondo Beach, CA) has got your back. We just got in a huge shipment of some awesome re-releases from them.

Sink w/ California– Dry-Hopped Pale

This hoppy pale is so refreshing but also has an explosion of bitter hops that resonate in every sip. Don’t let the pale deceive you, this hoppy beer is the real deal.

Adventure Aquatilium-IPA

Winter? What winter? This tropical IPA is a blast of all summer vibes in every sip. The Mosaic and Azacca hops really shine in this beer and has notes of mango as well from the fermentation. This beer sold out super quick the last time around, so make sure to get an order in ASAP!

Tiki Hut-IPA

This IPA is the perfect fusion of a west coast-style IPA and tropical flavors.  New school hops shine in this release. Lots of Mosaic and Citra hops dancing on your palate with every fresh sip.

Future Waves -IPA

If you like New England-style IPAs and pales, this one evokes certain characteristics of it. Slight hazy color, low bitterness and a smoother mouth feel in every sip. It’s incredibly easy to drink, and you’ll be left with wanting more!

Swirly Brown 

This brown ale is brewed with chocolate, vanilla, lactose and a hint of coffee. It is a cup of soft serve ice cream in a glass.  No need for other sweets, this one is straight dessert.


These are all popular beers so make  sure to talk to your sales representative about getting these beers into your establishments. It is available to all of our counties!  Hope you all have a great week! Cheers!

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