2017 California State Fair Commercial Beer Winners Announced!

It’s that time of the year again. The annual California State Fair is here and like every year, there is a commercial brewers competition. We are pleased with the success of some our brands and their accolades this year. Take a look at who won this year…

Almanac Beer Co. 

“Best in Show” 3rd Place —Apricot de Brettaville 

“Specialty Beer” 2nd Place–Passion Project

“American Wild Ale” 1st & 2nd Place–Apricot de Brettaville & Cherry Picker (respectively)

Karl Strauss Brewing

“Imperial IPA” 1st Place– Big Barrel IIPA 

Knee Deep Brewing Co.

“Specialty IPA” 2nd Place–Trip Hop IPA 

Pizza Port Brewing Co.–Ocean Beach

“American Porter & Stout” 1st Place–A.B.L.E.

Morgan Territory Brewing

“Pale Commonwealth Beer” 3rd Place —No Regerts 

Dust Bowl Brewing Co.

“Strong European Beer”  2nd Place– Public Enemy Baltic Porter

Tap It Brewing Co.

“Amber Bitter European Beer” 2nd Place– Helles Bueno 


Another  big congratulations to all of our brands who won this year! Can’t wait to see what the future holds and what other award-winning beers will be brewed. Cheers!



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