If you haven’t already noticed, cannned beer is all the rage. More and more, breweries are canning their beers as it ensures a fresher taste, a lower cost, and is also more environmentally friendly. Cans are also much easier for transport…imagine hiking in Yosemite having to carry a six pack of glass bottles. No thanks! Follow the trend by bringing more canned beers into your establishment.

Here are some great seasonal picks to add to your fridges:

Modern Times “Oneida” A Hoppy Session Pale Ale

This session pale is hopped full of flavor and is deceiving in its taste. This one is easy to drink, and comes in sixteen ounce pint cans which means more to drink, but still incredibly portable for wherever you choose to take this delicious beer.

Pizza Port Brewing Co. Pickleweed Point IPA

Have you ever had your mouth punched full of hops and malty notes? No? Well, try this one and you’ll find out. This is a limited release and there are no guarantees when it will be back, so make sure to try this one before it’s gone.

King Harbor & Epic Brewing Steep Faces IPA

This IPA is brewed with Stumptown Cold Brew coffee, and has lots of coffee notes and residual taste. The hops are fairly muted but compliment the overall coffee flavor. This is a great beer to start your day when you’re camping, or just starting early. 😉

Mike Hess Steel Beach  American Lager

This new release has been described as “classic,” and “clean.” This is a perfect introduction to craft beer, and perfect for a family function for those big-beer loving relatives.


These are all available and ready to be ordered in 12-16 ounce cans. Supplies are limited. Don’t miss out on these releases before they are gone, your customers will be sure to love them!

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