Gluten Free? No Problem!

Increasingly there is a rise in gluten intolerance. Luckily, there are still beverage options for those who may not be able to enjoy a tasty beer (again, I’m so sorry). We carry two brands that are a great addition to any menu or fridge for those who cannot consume gluten or just prefer the taste of a cider or delicious mead. 
2 Towns Cider House
Let’s just say that this cider house rules! Based out of Corvallis, Oregon, 2 Towns has been producing ciders for the last seven years. Using whole ingredients, and not adding short cuts, one can guarantee a delicious, additive-free product with every can, bottle, and sip. Some notable ciders include Made Marion, an award-winning blackberry cider with sweet berry notes in the aroma and taste, but still a dry finish. Also, for those that love their hops there is the seasonal Hop & Stalk, this light colored cider has citra hops and rhubarb. It is citrus-y, tart, and overall reminiscent of granny smith apples and a bit dry. 
Nectar Creek Mead

This mead company is also based out of Corvallis, Oregon. Apparently all the best gluten-free beverages do. For those unaware of what mead is, it is actually a carbonated honey wine fermented from honey, water, and sulfites. Mead is a wonderful option for
those who love something different, perhaps have a dietary restriction but don’t want to compromise flavor or taste. The Cluster is a mead with strawberry and cranberry. This one is perfect for a holiday party and feels very seasonal for thewinter flavors but is refreshing all year round. Another great option is also Waggle, a year around wildflower mead.  It has notes of ripe fruit but tastes like fresh, complex honeycomb as well. This is a great beverage that evokes the true essence of mead.

Epic Brewing Co.

While the other two brands mentioned are entirely gluten free, this is a beer that we carry from Epic Brewing called the Glutenator. This gluten free beer is also sorghum free and brewed with millet, brown rice and sweet potatoes. It is heavily hopped with American grown hops as well. This is a beer for those who appreciate a good, hoppy flavor but may also have certain dietary needs. This one is only available by the case, and in limited supply.

All of these beverages from these three companies are certified gluten free. They are great options to include to a storefront or serve to your customers who may have dietary restrictions, or even an adventurous palate. Talk to your sales rep about bringing in these two creative brands! Cheers!




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