If you’ve ever met a Delta Pacific team member, you’ll know we love our hops. When you carry several brands who are creative with their blendings and brews–you get spoiled. So on this National #IPADay,  we’re celebrating the best way we know how… by drinking some of the best IPAs on the market!

We asked a couple of our sales representatives what their favorite IPA we’re currently selling and why. Check it out:

Jay (East Bay Sales)–Revision IPA 

Super clean IPA with high bitterness, but not too high of an ABV. It is truly a textbook New World IPA that gives all the flavor of a big bold IPA with zero alcohol burn. Also, the ABV that allows me to have three more than I should. It’s my kryptonite.

Brian (East Bay Sales)– Track 7 “Panic” IPA

Track 7 Panic IPA – a beer that helped launch a beer scene in an indomitable city; from its bright orange hues to its piney aromas and its grapefruit and stone fruit flavors, there’s no better beer that encapsulates the Northern California IPA style than Panic IPA.”

Gavin (Central Valley Sales)– Revision “Leafy Greens” Limited IPA 

My favorite IPA right now is Leafy Greens because Jeremy (the brewmaster) nails it every time when it comes to hop profiles. At 7.25%, it’s exactly the ABV I want in a single IPA.”

We hope you all are celebrating with big, bold and fresh IPAs. Thank you for your continued support. Happy #IPADay, and happy drinking! Cheers!


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